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What is Digital Marketing?

What is online marketing, digital marketing and other related terms?

Jidnya Naik for Digicomm India.

The world today is purely living digital. Technology is exponential – growing at lightspeed. Every
customer starts online today when looking for a service or product. Screens are integrated so deeply
in our lives now that we work, play, entertain, communicate and shop on them!
Is there anything that we cannot do with technology? Questionable, but here’s what we CAN
definitely do! Businesses can utilize this potential of technology and grow tremendously. To achieve
this growth is the aim of Digital Marketing or more commonly known as Online marketing.

Fun fact: Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.


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What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with
potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication

– Mailchimp.

You must have heard terms like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, CPC, etc. Worry not, we are here to help you
burst the jargons of Digital Marketing. Head to our guide on Digital Marketing jargon buster!
The main aim of Digital Marketing is same as that of traditional marketing – to improve business
sales, engage customers, generate revenue and create brand awareness. Catering to these
marketing and business goals, various digital marketing strategies are developed across online
channels like emails, social media, websites, display ads, local directories, mobile apps and a mix of
all these.
Digital Marketing simply, is taking your brand or business online and creating a space for it to spread
awareness. Now next question – Why is it so important to a business?

Why is Digital Marketing so important?

Growing your biz online helps open a world of opportunities that didn’t exist before. To acutely
understand how digital marketing benefits your business here’s a dropdown as to why Digital
Marketing is an important aspect:

✓ More visibility:
Taking your store or service digital, makes you visible to more than 5 billion people who use the
internet everyday worldwide. If that isn’t enough to convince you there’s more! Digital Marketing
offers greater visibility not only locally but also globally. It offers tools and techniques to specifically
target people looking for your products and services, thereafter converting them to loyal customers.

✓ Stronger brand awareness:
Is your brand locally famous? Are you a new business starting in the neighbourhood? You can
expand an existing business online with impressive cost effectiveness or create enthusiasm and
brand awareness when you are about to launch a new business. Social Media and Websites are a
great way to spread the word out about your amazing products or services. This aspect has the
potential to give you totally new customers just by helping people know about what you sell and

✓ Cost effectiveness and superior ROI:
Marketing though digital channels happens at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.
Moreover, the best feature of online marketing is the ability to target specific audience – people
who are looking for your products and services particularly. This gives businesses a solid ROI of
nearly 200% on every penny spent.

✓ Measurable goals and results:
The advent of digitalization has made it easier to gain marketing insights and understand what’s
working and what’s not. Business goals are more concrete and achievable. As opposed to traditional
marketing, where a business did not know what was bringing in sales, Digital marketing offers robust
reports and in-depth understanding on which channels and campaigns are the most rewarding.
These are just few reasons among many more reasons to explore and use digital marketing means
for your business. We’ll keep you updated on all things Digital, in our upcoming blogs!
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The bottom line is no matter what kind of a business you are, Digital Marketing is crucial for you to
grow your business and brand awareness, in today’s age. You are now convinced to start working on
your own Digital Marketing plan! Need some help? Connect with Digicomm India today for a free

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